Dual Ideal Diode


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Similar in design to our single version this module allows two batteries of different charge states to be connected to a single input the characteristic of the device means that the system will use the battery with the highest voltage first, as the batteries equalise they will be selected according their state of charge  as there is no reverse flow passing through the circuit it is it is completely safe the batteries are also protected from any shorts or faults that occur

Another benefit is that providing that 1 battery is always any of the other batteries can be live swapped with no interruption to supply, there is no limit on how many Ideal diodes that can be used in the system


These devices will generate heat which is proportional to your power requirements at higher levels larger heatsinks or an active cooling solution may be required


Connectors: 1 x XT90 Plug and 2 x XT90 Sockets

Operating Voltage Range: 3S to 12S

Absolute Max Ratings: 100v 80A

Reverse Input Protection


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