Power Brick 4


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HPP Power Brick 4

Based on our BEC design the power brick uses ultra-reliable DC-DC convertors with no need for a secondary LDO which means that we can maintain high currents with little effect on voltage output (see chart below) The four outputs have Molex Clickmate2 connectors with one socket supplying voltage and current sensing to your FC

The power brick is extremely easy to use just plug your battery in the input and draw power from the output, the integrated Allegro 100U Current sensor, eliminates the need for extra wiring the circuit measures total draw including ancillaries not just the motors

These devices are capable of operating from -40°C up to 100°C however they will begin to de-rate at higher temperatures from full load (3A) at 65°C to 0 Load at 100°C this means that in all but extreme conditions there is little risk of a complete thermal shutdown unlike LDO based designs

In high ambient temperatures active cooling may be required (see optional cooling system)


Volts Amps DC Load* Volt Drop Case Temp Ambient Temp Ripple
5.1279 No Load 0 23c 22c 6.4mV
5.1000 500mA 0.0279 31c 23c 6.4mV
5.0561 1000mA 0.0718 38c 23c 6.5mV
5.0189 1500mA 0.109 40c 23c 6.5mV
4.9859 2000mA 0.142 47c 23c 6.5mV
4.9519 2500mA 0.176 50c 23c 6.4mV
4.9176 3000mA 0.2103 60c ** 23c 6.4mV


The outputs have been designed to operate at their maximum rated output while achieving extremely low noise/ripple typically less than 8mV P-P

Full load 3A output measured at output capacitor using tip and spring method


Integrated Allegro 100A current sensor

Available inputs: 3s to 6s – 6s to 12s Max Input 70V

Outputs: 2 x 5.1v 3A – 1 x 5.3v 3A – 1.x 12v 2.5A (3.3v and 15V options)

Connectors: Main Input XT90 – Main Output XT90 – Low Volt Outputs Molex Clickmate 2mm 6 Pin

Fan Outputs: 2 x 5v JST GB

6 Power LED on indicators

Input Current: 5v 3A No Load 10mA – Full Load 368mA

Full short circuit protection on output – Trip & restart with auto recovery will not damage module

Fully shielded design

ESD Immunity: EN61000-4-2, Level 2 Perf Criteria A

Radiated Immunity: EN61000-4-3, 3 V/m Perf Criteria A

Conducted Immunity: EN61000-4-6, 3 V rms Perf Criteria A

Magnetic Fields: EN61000-4-8, 1 A/m Perf Criteria A


100mm L x 72.5mm W x 23mm H without fan 40mm with fan

Supplied with:

6 x Clickmate 2mm 6pin plug with tails

1 x Amass XT90 plug with tails

1 x Amass XT90 socket with tails


Test Conditions:

Constant DC Load

Fully charged 12s 22000mAh batteries

We performed an endurance test with the unit constantly powered over 14 Days at full load with passive cooling there was no change in performance during this period

*We test using a pure DC Load which is a worst case scenario in normal use this type of load would rarely occur

**Case temperature can be dramatically decreased with a simple heatsink or moderate airflow, using a 25 x 25 x 10mm heatsink the temperature was stable at 56°C



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